one more thing

I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.- Alice in Wonderland

If read with the familiarity I have with Alice, these words seem straightforward, as if the transformation is so complete that she doesn’t recognize the girl she was when she fell down the rabbit hole. As if overnight she became so different she can no longer relate to her former self. But upon reflection, isn’t that what happens to each of us on a daily basis? All experiences, no matter how seemingly insignificant, impact us in such a way that we are changed. Different. Permanently altered and not who we were yesterday. Every second something about our reality, our perception, our “be”ing changes. It’s just one more thing woven into our personal history, shaping who we are now.

Lately “just one more thing” has been predominant in my life. Operating in my usual “feeding the shark closest to the boat” mode, “one more thing” has made this week feel like drowning and being handed a fire hose gushing at full force with gradschool/work/husband-traveling-temporary-single-mom/i’montheboardsoihavetogotothemeeting sitting in the boat with me. Those four little words may have been tossed my way when I was planning a little something that I’m rather proud of facilitating, but I’m going to leave snarky at the door as this post already borders on whining.

I actually started writing this on Tuesday prior to the failure of SB 609 and HB 2949. I was going to encourage all of us to do one more thing….make a call. Send an email. Let your voice be heard. However, since becoming OBE (overcome by events for those of you under 30) this week, I missed the opportunity. Or did I? What if the “just one more thing” was as simple as deciding to become involved? Which would technically lead to just one more thing: following through. One of my new favorite people had this to say, and I completely agree! Deciding isn’t enough. Action is required if we are going to move forward on [insert your current project, or desire here]. What do you want? Act. Now. (Or at least by the time that particular shark approaches the boat…)

Here’s to not being who I was yesterday! To learning, and stretching, and growing. To discovering a new version. To embracing just one more thing.






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